Does Dressing Up Help You Succeed?

January 29, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

In many ways work can be compared to having a romantic relationship: how many of us haven’t felt that butterfly effect when receiving news that we got the job or or our first client? We then rush to tell the good news to everyone who had wished us luck and start to think about our first outfit, if we will get along with our new co-workers or client and what a great opportunity was just presented to us. And as with all things, time passes and what seems novel, shiny and new quickly becomes routine. But months or years later, are you still dressing up for work? Image Consultant Glenda Soriano-Wilson, founder of Style Perogative, explains how dressing up for work is linked to success.  

Judging a Book by It’s Cover.

A person’s attire and overall image is considered a reflection of their personal traits abilities and the business they represent.  People will naturally make assumptions about a person’s work ethic, quality of product or service, and level of professionalism based largely on how he or she looks. In the competitive landscape of professional opportunities, the cost of failing to put our best foot forward is not just limited to immeasurable financial loss, but can also result in a downgrade in reputation and deterioration of self-confidence.

On Stage, All The Time.

There is absolutely a link between image and professional success. Each time we make a choice about our wardrobe and overall image, we are actually making a decision about how we would like the world to see us.  Most successful business professionals understand the importance of this concept on some level. Rather than haphazardly throwing together any outfit that “works”, they intentionally choose an ensemble that sends a clear message – “I know what I’m doing.” “You can trust me.” “I am the best person to help you.” Studies show that 55% of a first impression is based on how a person looks. Having the right look can mean the difference between being regarded as an amateur or an expert.

From Basic To Expert.

The key to stylish and easy dressing is having a complete collection of quality basics that both fit and flatter, as well as a variety of versatile accessories for your different moods and occasions.  With the right fit and accessories, basics are never boring but always easy.  A clue that you may be missing some key pieces for your wardrobe is if you find yourself frequently saying, “I have nothing to wear”. People often underestimate the importance of fit. A classic designer suit will do more harm to your professional reputation if it is too large, tight, long or short. Every brand uses a different fit model; and therefore, when making a purchase, consumers must remember to focus on the style and fit of the clothing rather than the number and letter sizes. And because great fit should not be limited to those who have ideal model physiques, quality custom clothing is now more affordable and accessible through companies like J. Hilburn.

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