Detention to House Arrest, Result of Public Pressure

By Luo Ya, Epoch Times
May 28, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

A young man plans to support Deng Yujiao by traveling one thousand kilometers on a scooter to give her a plaque engraved Lady of Integrity.(The Epoch Times)
A young man plans to support Deng Yujiao by traveling one thousand kilometers on a scooter to give her a plaque engraved Lady of Integrity.(The Epoch Times)

The local regime in Badong, Hubei province has announced that police have released waitress Deng Yujiao from a detention centre and put her under house arrest.

Deng is alleged to have killed a party official who was trying to rape her.

People believes that the regime is yielding to the pressure of public opinion, and Chinese websurfers are still initiating all kinds of supportive activities.

On May 27, an article posted on China’s biggest Blog, Sina, calls for a 100,000 people walk to support Deng Yujiao, and named the activity as “The World First Unorganized and Disciplined Jog.” It suggested to participants to emphasize that the activity has no organizer when police interfere, and not to shout slogan, distribute brochure s,hold banners, and not to line up.

The blog also claims, that more than 7,000 people in Beijing and over 5,000 people in Shanghai have show their willingness to join the activities, and several hundred also planned to go to Badong during the weekend.

The article also said that  if the other CCP official was not charged, the jog could become  a routine every Saturday, “We hope the participants will double every weekend, and over million people will walk on the street till the end of June, and over ten million will walk on street till August.”

A young man living in southeast China’s Jiangsu province wants to show his support to Deng by travelling over thousand kilometres on a scooter

On May 23, he started his journey from his home town to Deng’s home in central China’s Hubei province, and carrying a plaque inscibed “Lady of Integrity” on his back.

Scholar Supports Deng Yujiao

 Professor Gao Xudong, the dean of the Institute of Comparative Literature & Culture Studies at Beijing Language and Culture University, recently published an article in praise of Deng Yujiao.

Titled “Why Deng Yujiao Should Be Praised” Gao said, “A fragile lady, was not moved by the money, and did not give in when facing the one who has power, (She) defended herself and resisted to protect her dignity. Is this the spirit that ensured the Chinese race survived for several thousands years?” and Gao thinks that, that spirit is the reason why Deng became so popular among Chinese websurfers.

However, lawyer Xia Lin, who was appointed by Deng’s mother Zhang Shumei, said he is not very optimistic about progress. The local regime announced on May 25 that Zhang had dispensed with Xia’s services, after Xia met with Deng and handed Deng’s statement to police demanding the arrest of another cadre involved in the case named Huang Dezhi. Xia also made public the statement on his blog.

Xia announced on May 27 that Zhang had not formally terminated the contract with him, and it is illegal for the government to appoint a lawyer to represent Deng. He also called on Zhang to contact him.

Xia also said his investigation is ongoing, and if the regime insisted on handling the case under the table, he will release more information.

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