Design Recipes: Cathy’s Travel To Design – Classic Southern Home Design Trends for 2015

February 27, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016
Southern style can be a great way to add a fresh look to a bedroom, or living room.
Southern style can be a great way to add a fresh look to a bedroom, or living room.

Open, airy, spacious and cheery, Southern-inspired design is charming, a perfect medley of fresh, outdoorsy details, and effortless elegance.

Southern style design conjures up images of wide, welcoming porches and grand, colonial homes. Fresh roses in a silver pitcher, sunhats hanging by the door, and elaborate window coverings are a few more details that may come to mind.

The timeless style and quintessential charm of Southern homes makes this style perfect for adding a welcoming touch to any home. This design style is calm and soothing, and the perfect way to design a retreat to escape from the business of everyday life. Turn your home into a haven where relaxation is easy –welcome some Southern comfort into your home.

View: Birch Lane Rebecca Duvet Set
View: Birch Lane Rebecca Duvet Set

Decor: Open and Fresh

Southern décor is as fresh as a summer’s day. Look for ways to let plenty of natural light in, and opt for lighter colors to reflect the light, helping the room to appear more open. Plenty of open space, accented with elegant details can help to add some Southern beauty to your home.

Style: Effortless Elegance

Bring some traditional Southern inspiration into your room by looking for ways to add a touch of classic elegance to your space. Dark varnished wood floors, elegant chandeliers, and toile print on the walls, bed linen, or throw pillows are all reminiscent of a grand Southern home.

Colors: Light and Airy

Southern-inspired interiors often start with a neutral foundation, and incorporate color tastefully and purposefully. White or neutral backdrops with accents of earthy tones, pastels, or blues are all great color choices. Southern inspired design works especially well with rustic or country home décor styles. If you’re looking to revamp your home, consider using Southern inspiration to add a fresh touch of summer to your home.

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