Design Recipes: Cathy’s Travel To Design – A Quick Tip for Selecting the Perfect Mirror

December 11, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016
Patrick Iron Dark Nostalgia Mirror Large
Depending on your decorating vision, a mirror can be a either a main focal point, or complimentary accessory for your room. View: Patrick Iron Dark Nostalgia Mirror Large

Whether you’re looking to spruce up the living room, or give a bedroom a complete makeover, a mirror may be just the design element that you’re looking for.

Mirrors are versatile and beautiful, and can be seamlessly incorporated into just about any room, no matter how much space you have to work with. In small, compact spaces, frameless mirrors can help to create an illusion of space, while in larger rooms a more elaborate mirror is an excellent way to add a sense of warmth, and visual interest.

Pamala Mirror
A beautiful mirror that would look great above the mantle
or in the foyer. View: Pamala Mirror

The right mirror can serve as a focal point, or as a harmonizing detail, depending on what you are hoping to accomplish in the room.

The best way to choose the right mirror?

Select a mirror that compliments your room, as well as your personal style. Keeping this tip in mind will help you to choose a mirror that’s perfect for your home.

Choose a mirror just as you would any other design element in your home. When designing the room, keep in mind what you hope to accomplish through the design, and choose décor elements that help to further this goal. Balance your creative vision and your personal style preferences, with practical details such as the room’s style, size constraints, and of course, your budget.

With so many beautiful mirrors available for purchase, finding a mirror that perfectly complements your home has never been easier –or more rewarding.

Here are a few different styles for your inspiration:

Landia Olympia Mirror
View: Landia Olympia Mirror
Godfrey Lucca Mirror
View: Godfrey Lucca Mirror
Venezia Modern
View: Venezia Modern

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