Democrat for Trump Says Elections Had ‘So Much Room for Fraud’

November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

ATLANTA—Vernon Jones from Georgia said local polling stations locked their doors late at night on election day, preventing people from watching the count, and that’s just one example of law breaking in this presidential election.

“I believe that these elections were not fair. They were not transparent. There was so much room for fraud. And we will now fight until every legal ballot is counted and counted accurately,” Jones said at a Stop the Steal rally in Atlanta, Georgia on Nov. 7, 2020.

Jones says he is a Democrat, but has come to support President Donald Trump because Jones believes Trump’s policies are good for the country. He also does not like what the Democratic Party has been saying about Trump voters.

“I’m a Democrat but I support Donald Trump. I put my country before my party,” Jones said. “And what I see happening to the Democratic Party, supporting Antifa and supporting Black Lives Matter, these groups who burn, shoot, even kill people, I don’t support violence. Not only that, but when I see the Democratic Party want to muzzle, and keep African Americans from voting for Donald Trump, or just thinking more than one party, independent thought, the bigotry of the Democratic Party is just unbearable, and I just can’t accept it anymore and remain silent so I’m going to continue to show and expose the bigotry in the Democratic Party.”