Dance Director Describes Shen Yun As ‘Life-Changing’

April 15, 2018

“The show has been amazing. … Everything about it has been just thrilling.”

“I appreciate that [the artists] are using dance to promote culture, … the traditional culture of China. … Nowadays, with a lot of modern things, we lose a sense of tradition and culture. …”

“[Classical Chinese dance] emphasizes the way, traditionally and culturally, men and women are supposed to be—how the women are supposed to show more femininity. … With the men, they emphasize masculinity with their characters.”

“The coordination is on-point. Everything is in sync. The dancers are all together—the hand movements, their feet, the way they point and curve. … Everything is just great and phenomenal.”

“The values I see [in Shen Yun]: not to forget who you are, your roots and culture.”

“I think [the spiritual aspect] is great and amazing. …”

“[Shen Yun is] amazing, life-changing.”