Dan Bilzerian Debauchery: Instagram Photos Show ‘Lunatic Lifestyle’ of Poker Playboy

March 26, 2014 Updated: March 26, 2014

Dan Bilzerian, the infamous professional poker player, has been dubbed the most interesting man on Instagram.

Bilzerian’s lifestyle was highlighted in a series of stories late last year as it garnered attention for its extreme opulence and seemingly never-ending series of parties, travels to exotic locations, and number of women.

Bilzerian is a high school drop out whose poker earnings have enabled him to buy homes in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas, and live a self-described “lunatic lifestyle” that is driven by an unhappy childhood. 

When the Daily Mail interviewed him last year for a feature, Bilzerian had just returned from a trip to the Mexican resort of Puerta Vallarta to celebrate a friend winning $5.2 million in the world Series Poker–of which Bilzerian cleared $1 million for stumping up 20 percent of the $10,000 entry fee. 

“We loaded a bunch of girls on a plane and went down there,” he said. We went zip-lining, rented a yacht, got some baby Bengal tigers and some monkeys at the house. It cost like $10,000.”

Epoch Times Photo

Epoch Times Photo

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The prolific poker player has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram who follow his every move, of which he shows plenty with lots of pictures posted from around the world. They include money, guns, and girls. 

“I’m like a big kid. But it’s not like a called myself the Instagram King. I put up what people want to see and that just happened,” he said. “Basically I didn’t get a ton of attention as a kid, I guess that’s why I’m such a flashy lunatic.”

The story also took pains to include details about a lesser-known portion of Bilzerian’s lifestyle, in which he helped finance several feature films including the recent Lone Survivor.

He says he donated $100,000 to Typhoon Haiyan victims and drops tens of thousands for individual cases such as to a family who adopted four children with birth defects only for one of them to develop leukemia. 

“When you go out and adopt four kids that have health defects, knowing you’ll be saddled with them for life – I respect that,” he said. “‘It’s a cliché. ‘But it’s crazy the bang for your buck that you get when you do stuff like that.’ “

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Epoch Times Photo

Epoch Times Photo

But in the end, he’s still focused on partying hard and getting the adreline going–and gambling.

“When you jump out of a plane you get a few minutes of adrenalin. When you’re playing poker you can get that same hit for 12 hours straight,” he said. 

‘Really, tell me what else in life can do that and I’ll do it.”


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