Daily Life, South Korea – December 2012 (Photos)

By Jarrod Hall
Jarrod Hall
Jarrod Hall
December 23, 2012 Updated: January 6, 2013

A woman wheels her bicycle during a snowstorm
A woman wheels her bike after being caught in South Korea's first big snowstorm of the winter. Daejeon , December 5, 2012. The first major snowfall caused traffic chaos in some cities and followed the coldest November in almost a decade. Weather forecasters are predicting an especially cold winter this year.
University students in the street in a snowstorm
Students shelter under shop-front eaves during the first major snowfall of the winter. Daejeon, December 5, 2012. The snow accompanied a cold-snap which has been attributed to southerly air-flows from Siberia.
A man cooks street food during a snowstorm
A man continues to prepare and sell sweet snacks called Kukhwabang from his street stall outside a subway station entrance during the first snowstorm of the year in Daejeon. December 5, 2012.
A snowy forest in South Korea.
A snowy forest in Chungcheongnam Province after unusually early snow hit South Korea earlier this month. December 9, 2012. This much snow does not usually fall until January.
Jin Hyung Lee works on a sculpture
Master sculptor, Lee Jin Hyung works on a model of a Buddhist deity in his studio in Daejeon. December 15, 2012. Lee Jin Hyung is recognised as a national treasure by the South Korean government for his expertise in the traditional methods of constructing Buddha statues.
Small heads for a Buddha statue
Tiny heads made of plaster rest on a shelf in the workshop of master sculptor Lee Jin Hyung. Daejeon, December 15, 2012. They will eventually become a part of a large Buddha statue that will grace one of South Korea's many Buddhist temples.
Commuters queue for the subway
Commuters queue at the Seoul Station subway entrance. December 6, 2012. Seoul has a massive and complex public transit system that is crammed with commuters every weekday at peak hour.
Children at a wedding
Two children lean against a window while bridal photos are taken at a wedding. December 22, 2012