Video: 6 Unexpectedly Smart Ways to Cut Watermelons and Save Time

May 14, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Watermelon is a delicious fruit enjoyed by many throughout the year. Cutting it has been the great challenge of enjoying some, and people have long debated the best ways to get that perfect cut and watermelon cube. In this video going viral on Facebook, watch as six new methods for cutting watermelons are demonstrated. The results have left viewers in awe and changed how they plan to cut their favorite fruit to save on time and mess.

Be it slicing on its side, cubing and dicing, skewing with toothpicks, or cutting into triangles and other shapes or formations, each demonstration showcases a new, ingenious way to cut and prepare such a fruit. Each gives you ready to serve watermelon, cut in a way that is clean and easy to manage. No longer try to balance a round melon on your countertop, knife in hand, while attempting to make cuts that form perfect cubes of equal proportions. With these techniques, such is just a few cuts away.

You must watch these demonstrations for yourself, especially if you have ever enjoyed watermelon or prepare it regularly. With these new methods, skip out on the juicy mess and watermelon that proves difficult to maneuver.

Video Credit: SkyBek