CPS: Chicago Public Schools Closed Tuesday Over Extreme Cold

Chicago Public Schools announced it would keep its schools closed on Tuesday due to the extreme cold over the city.

Other schools in outlying suburban areas have also made the move to stay closed.

In some areas on Monday, the temperatures dropped to minus-40 and below.

“If you can stay indoors. Please do so,” said Gary Schenkel, the executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, according to WLSAM. “Everyday activities may not be feasible.”

Barbara Byrd Bennett, the head of the CPS, said that more cold temperatures are expected Tuesday. The high on Tuesday is expected to reach about 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Homer District 33C, Barrington Community Unit School District 220, Evanston-Skokie School District 65, and New Trier Township High School District 203 are closed as well, the Chicago Tribune said.

WGN Radio has a list of school closings on its website.