Couple Found Dead at Home, but Local Officials Won’t Report the Case

By Olivia Li
Olivia Li
Olivia Li
March 19, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020

Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

When a police officer and a coronavirus control team checked an apartment in a high-rise building they found a couple who had died at home. The police looked upset and told the team that this case must not be reported as a coronavirus death.

Man in red: Let’s open the door together.
Officer in yellow: Yes, open it.
Man in red (pries the door open and knocks again): Teacher Tang?
Man in red: Come here, take a picture.
Woman: Any problems over there?
Man in red: Teacher Tang?
Officer in yellow: Two people inside.
Group: Aiyah!
Woman: Photograph each of them.
Man 1: Too bad. This is a big problem, and a headache.
Man 2: Two people (dead).
Man 3: Call 110 (the emergency line).
Man in red: We cannot report this case.
Officer in yellow: No, we cannot.
Man (to a by passer): Stay away. Which floor do you live on?
Man: Let’s get a forehead thermometer so we can try to do it ourselves, as we cannot report this case.
Man (yelling at the by passer): This is none of your business! Go away!

Many viewers have asked how The Epoch Times obtains these videos. Some conscientious Chinese people put videos like this one on social media platforms to help more people learn the truth about what is happening in China. In many cases, the videographer could be the courageous person who posted the video online. Other upright Chinese quickly share the videos on Twitter and Facebook before China’s Internet police notice and delete such postings. That is how these precious videos get to be preserved and disseminated on the Internet.

Olivia Li