Couple Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide While Children Inside Home

January 28, 2018 Updated: January 29, 2018

A couple are dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Maryland while their children were present at home, less than a day after the wife obtained a protective order against the husband.

Police found Candace and Calvin Carnathan, both 33, dead in their home on the morning of Jan. 27. Authorities say it appears he shot her and then turned the gun on himself, reports NBC Washington.

The couple’s three children were in the house at the time. Police say it was one of the couple’s sons who called 911 reporting that he had heard gunshots. The operator then told the boy to take his siblings to the basement and hide there, ABC7 WJLA reports.

Police arrived within minutes and found the children, aged 12, 10, and 7, safe in the basement, ABC7 WJLA reports. They then discovered the bodies of the parents in the upstairs bedroom.

Police do no believe the children witnessed the shooting.

On the previous night Candace Carnathan obtained a temporary protective order against her husband. At around 5:30pm Calvin was served with the order by police, which required him to stay away from Candace and the children. Neighbors told WUSA-9 that the couple were in the process of divorcing.

“He was ordered to vacate the house and have no more contact with his wife or children. But obviously he came back,” said Diane Richardson, spokesperson for the Charles County Police Department, according toWUSA-9.

“Ideally, [protective orders] work in the way in which they were intended, and that is that the person who was served that order respects the order. Sometimes that doesn’t happen it can be a very dangerous time.”

The children and the family dog are currently staying with a family member, WUSA-9 reports.


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