Company Executive Gains a New Perspective at Seeing Shen Yun

April 25, 2018

“We were quite impressed. We like the integration of everything, the music and the cinema [digital backdrop] behind. … It was just a lovely presentation. We will be seeing it again.”

“To be so coordinated uniformed in the presentation, it was very impressive.”

“It made me reflect on my day today because I was dealing with something spiritually. I was not very happy with. And it helped me just focus a little bit. So I was also surprised by that. I didn’t realize that was so ingrained in the presentation. … I will sleep well tonight. I work out my spiritual problem for today.”

“I am going to go out with a different perspective of good and not giving into the bad, and not being bothered by the bad, and try to say prayers and help the bad become good. That was really a very good thing for me to feel today.”