College Brings Action to Evict Dropout Who Refuses to Move out of Dorm

March 1, 2018 Updated: March 1, 2018

A college has started legal action to evict a student who has refused to move out of her dorm after dropping out almost two years ago.

The lawsuit filed by Hunter College in New York alleged that Lisa S. Palmer dropped out of her geography major in mid-2016, but continued living in the dormitory, reported the New York Post.

Despite numerous eviction notices, Palmer has refused to move out, alleged the suit.

The 32-year-old Delaware native also has not paid rent since 2016, and “racked up a staggering $94,000 in unpaid residence hall charges on account of her continued occupancy, all the while ignoring Hunter College’s service of additional vacate notices,” said the suit, the Post reported.

According to the college’s website, residence fees for the dormitory in question start from $6,000 a year for the 2018/2019 academic year. In addition, only students who met the minimum grade point average and kept on top of their residence fees are able to stay in the dorms, the suit said.

The Post reported that the college attempted, and failed, to evict Palmer in June 2016, and again in September 2017.

The former student, who now works for an architecture firm, resisted these moves.

Despite describing living in the dorm as a person in their 30s as “really lonely,” Palmer told the Post that she would contest the suit.

“I plan on fighting the lawsuit and while I fight it, I’m going to stay,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Hunter College in New York City. (Beyond My Ken/Wikimedia Commons/ GFDL)

According to the Post, Palmer said that rather than voluntarily dropping out, she was prevented from enrolling for the fall 2016 classes because she had disputed her housing and tuition bills.

“I felt that it was a miscommunication initially, but after I met with the dean I felt that they were starting to treat me unfairly. It was like, ‘Get out,'” she said.

The college is reportedly also evicting nine nurses from the residence, one of whom is a 67-year-old woman who has kept a dorm room as a “crash pad” for decades.



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