CM Punk, AJ Lee Update: Punk Makes Sarcastic Tweet Over Leaving WWE, AJ Retirement Rumors Emerge

November 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

CM Punk recently addressed some of the backlash that he’s facing after leaving the WWE earlier this year.

On Sunday, he tweeted a sarcastic message.

“I’m so mad Barry Sanders retired! I bought a ticket to a game to see him once! He owes me at least six more concussion!! (And 12 dinners),” he wrote on the social media site.

He’s referring to former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders, who retired abruptly after 10 seasons with the team–even though he averaged 1,500 yards per season and amassed 99 rushing touchdowns. The retirement was a matter of controversy at the time as two years earlier, Sanders renewed his contract with the Lions two years prior to that, which was worth $35.4 million over six years.

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Meanwhile, there’s been rumors that Punk’s wife and WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee, might be “finished” with the WWE after the Survivor Series.

“A rumor has been going around, recently addressed by Bryan Alvarez of, that AJ Lee may be wrapping up her career in WWE. According to said rumor, which apparently stems from a legitimate backstage discussion, if AJ drops the Divas Championship to Nikki Bella at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV, it will be a strong indication that she is done,” writes WrestleZone’s Mike Killam.

Killam added that it’s the third time that there’s been rumors of AJ leaving the promotion, which obviously weren’t true in the past.

” Considering that she got married earlier this year (to former WWE Champion CM Punk), if she drops the title it could simply be a means to slow down a little and spend a few more days at home with her new husband. And that’s IF the new round of rumors has any backing at all. Even if she drops the title on Sunday, a creative decision in a scripted environment is hardly an indication of the future of someone’s career,” Killiam wrote in a note.