CM Punk, AJ Lee Update: Ronda Rousey Touches on Punk’s Departure; Punk Tweets More

Ronda Rousey, the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion who recently defended her title in spectacular fashion on Saturday night, talked about CM Punk leaving the WWE in a recent interview.

There’s been rumors that Rousey would take a role in the WWE, and she’s said she has always been a fan of the organization.

She also talked about CM Punk’s departure from the organization in January after the Royal Rumble.

“No one can make you have passion for something if you don’t. I felt that way about judo. It was over. I was over it, and I didn’t want to do it anymore, regardless of how good I was at it. I didn’t want to be there. So if he wants to come back and find some passion again, I would love to see that. But if it’s time for him to move on in his life, then he has 100-percent of my support in that as well,” she said, according to

For his part, Punk was tweeting about the UFC 175 results on Saturday, giving credit to challenger Lyoto Machida and champion Chris Weidman in their fight. “What a class act @lyotomachidafw is, honorable in defeat, congrats to @ChrisWeidmanUFC #UFC175,” he tweeted.

He also said of Rousey’s victory over Alexis Davis: “Pretty sure that takedown secured the fight for @ChrisWeidmanUFC . Also pretty sure 2 of 3 judges were watching Monster Jam. #UFC175.”

He also retweeted a photo of him and who appears to be wrestler Colt Cabana from several years ago.

Recently, fans clamored for Punk to come back to the WWE after AJ Lee–who reportedly married Punk in June–won the Divas Championship last Monday during RAW. Her victory started speculation that Punk would come back, but he’s made no indication otherwise.