“Chtuken”: Creator Says Turkey-Crab-Octopus Hybrid was Tasty

December 16, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The creator of a dish called the “Chtuken”–named after HP Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu”–which is the combination of octopus, bacon, turkey, and crab legs gave an interview, saying the meal tasted good.

Rusty Eulberg, the creator, told Gothamist that he and his wife “wanted to do something unique for Christmas dinner with friends of ours. Jenny is a big fan of Cthulhu so we went and bought some crab legs and some octopus and bacon and cooked them all separate and slapped them together on a plate, and that was it.”

“The next year I made a Cthicken; the same thing using squid instead of octopus and a chicken,” he added.

“The universal reaction was, ‘Oh my God, I couldn’t eat that.’ But each individual piece was cooked separately; all I did was set them together on the plate. It was delicious. The crab leg was awesome and the bacon added a nice flavor to the turkey. And for added horror, the serving platter is an old Nazi plate with a Swastika on the bottom that a friend bought in an old abandoned Luftwaffe base in Germany,” he continued.

The dish made the rounds on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Many said the dish was unappetizing.

“Oh dear lord, I wish I hadn’t seen this,” wrote one. 

“New stills from Aliens vs. Predator 3,” added another.