Chrome 32 Beta for Android: 300ms Tap Delay Removed

December 17, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Google has removed the 300-millisecond tap delay from the beta Chrome version 32 browser for Android.

A number of people complained about the delay, prompting Google to act. Many said the delay was annoying while browsing on a smartphone or tablet.

The problem lies in using mobile sites, where zooming is impossible, meaning that a 300ms delay is not needed.

Jake Archibald , with HTML5 Rocks, writes that “every touch-based mobile browser, across platforms, has an artificial ~300ms delay between you tapping a thing on the screen and the browser considering it a ‘click.’” He added, “When people think of the web as being sluggish compared to native apps on mobile, this is this one of the main contributors.”

“If you go to a site that isn’t mobile optimised, it starts zoomed out so you can see the full width of the page. To read the content, you either pinch zoom, or double-tap some content to zoom it to full-width. This double-tap is the performance killer, because with every tap we have to wait to see if it might become a double-tap, and that wait is 300ms.”

There’s also a video that was uploaded to YouTube, showing the delay.