Christy Mack Unwinds with Animals (+Pictures)

November 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Christy Mack took some time to unwind after appearing in court to testify against ex-boyfriend and alleged abuser War Machine.

Mack took to Twitter to proclaim that she had “the best day of my life today,” and then shared pictures with a number of different animals.

Mack, who has recovered a lot after being attacked, going through multiple surgeries and other procedures, posted pictures of herself holding an otter, an armadillo, a little fox, and a lemur.

“Their little hands are so soft,” she said about the latter creature.

She also posted one in which she’s petting a huge camel.

It’s unclear where she was with the animals, but it appears to be some type of petting zoo.

Mack, 23, is an adult film star.

She was allegedly beaten by Machine, whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, in August. After a manhunt Machine was arrested and is currently in prison.

Koppenhaver pleaded not guilty earlier this month to 34 felony charges leveled against him. The charges include attempted murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

Mack didn’t attend but had testified at a preliminary hearing just prior, telling the judge that Machine beat her so badly she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

She managed to escape when Machine disappeared, running to neighbors’ homes and crying for help.

The trial will start on February 17, 2015.



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