Chinese Tourist Eager to Attend Nine Commentaries Forum

August 25, 2005 Updated: August 25, 2015

A Chinese tourist who recently left China wrote this letter to Epoch Times describing his strong desire, while overseas, to attend a Nine Commentaries forum, after reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Dear Sir,

I’ve learnt that you are going to hold a Nine Commentaries forum, and I wish very much to have chance to attend. I just came from China recently and hereby wish to ask you to kindly pass what I, as a Chinese citizen, want to say to Western governments, Western society and to the Western politicians who will attend this forum. The strength gained by the CCP to this point, has been with help and total support from Western governments, international consortiums, big corporations and overseas Chinese people including Taiwanese. When power, money and technology are combined and when the CCP colludes in both China and overseas, the ordinary people in China must succumb to the overwhelming pressure of the CCP. People have long ago lost hope and become numb. The Chinese people have no human rights, have no place to appeal and nowhere to protest. Their only choice is to take orders and meekly submit themselves to oppression, allow themselves to be trampled upon at will.

When the CCP has received financial support, most often from the West, instead of using these funds to solve the many issues including long-term poverty and people&#039s livelihood, they spend it on the so-called “face-saving” constructions, building skyscrapers in the big cities to show to Westerners the “vast achievements of Chinese economic reform.” They build luxury hotels, villas and mansions one after another, for their own entertainment. They spend huge amounts of money on international diplomatic affairs, promoting their propaganda to deceive the world’s people. They develop their military forces for persecuting and controlling their own people, and schemed to establish world hegemony. They attempt to weave a fabricated expertise through voracious spending on space research, putting mediocre people in very important positions, and are shockingly extravagant, incapable and corrupt. What’s more, in recent years they spent so much of the people’s money on the persecution of Falun Gong in both China and overseas.

However, while the building boom in China has created the image of prosperous metropolises throughout the country, and despite the leaders’ loud praise for the “Chinese development magic” they vaunt internationally, most Chinese people have not benefited from these things at all. Their corrupt and incompetent ways lead them to rob and exploit the people even more. The state-owned large- and medium-sized enterprises have almost all been ruined by them, and the degree of poverty of unemployed people is hard to imagine. All these are the evil consequences of their many years of centrally planned economics and corruption, and they now let the people bear all sufferings.

In the past, urban workers still had reliable health care, however, after recent reforms, most have lost all of this, and those families with elderly or ill people can no longer support themselves. The situation in the countryside is far worse. People’s houses are being forcefully demolished, they are being wantonly deprived of their benefits and they are further left behind by the so-called “knowledge economy”. The many issues are too numerous to address one by one. Facing such suppression, including the June 4 Tiananmen Massacre, the suppression of freedom of speech and democracy and the persecution of Falun Gong, along with the all-pervasive presence and control of the CCP in every facet of society, the people have no choice but to submit to the humiliation and keep silent. Who can fight them?

Internationally, the politicians of many countries hold a naïve belief that economic development will promote a looser political environment. But will a gangster suddenly turn righteous just because he has become rich? Actually just because they have gotten rich, they have become devils! Isn’t that the case? Recently the international society has already felt the threat of the CCP, with their crazy threats of nuclear attacks. Therefore, I wish that Western governments and the world could clearly recognize the true nature of the CCP, adjust their policies towards the CCP and exert greater pressure and sanctions against it, instead of more support.

I hereby call on Western society to give more support and help to Chinese people’s efforts in seeking freedom and democracy. You have the responsibility and obligation to help the Chinese people to fight for freedom, and it is also your contribution to world peace.

I just briefly write the above. Please kindly pass on my message. Thank you very much!