‘Chinese School Girl Bullied Like This and End Her Life Today’: Facebook Video Scam

A Facebook post that promises a video a Chinese girl died after she was bullied in school is nothing but a scam.

The post reads: “[18+ VIDE0] Chinese school girl bullied like this and end her life today … Must watch this video so that you dont do this mistake like this girl did (sic).”

When users click on the post, they’re redirected to a website that looks like Facebook. It then prompts them to share the post before going further.

After that, the website will ask to fill out surveys that go nowhere. The surveys are how the scammers behind the website and Facebook post make their money.

There’s no actual video.

According to security firm Kaspersky, Facebook is the top social media target for cybercriminals.

“Cybercriminals have developed a number of ways to entice their victims to pages with phishing content,” said Nadezhda Demidova, who is a content analyst at Kaspersky Lab, reported Computing.co.uk. “They send links to phishing web pages via email, within social networks or in banners placed on third-party resources. Fraudsters often lure their victims by promising them ‘interesting content’,” she added.

“When users follow the link provided, they land on a fake login page that contains a standard message asking them to log in before viewing the page. If users don’t become suspicious and enter their credentials, their data will immediately be dispatched to cybercriminals,” Demidova said.