Chinese Man Fractures Child’s Bones For Beating Him in Ping Pong

March 7, 2016 Updated: March 7, 2016

A Chinese preteen got his bones fractured after being beaten and pushed to the ground by a disgruntled man he bested in a ping pong match.

On Feb. 27, Xiao Xu, a 12-year-old elementary school student living in the village of Dongsanyao in Shaanxi Province, faced off against the stranger in a courtyard belonging to the village committee.

But Xiao was too skilled for his own good. A Security camera shows that after winning against the bespectacled man, Xiao started to leave, only for his humiliated opponent to come up behind him and place a hand on his shoulder, the Shaanxi-based Chinese Business Review reported.

The man then pushed Xiao down. The student got up and began to argue with him, only for the man to lift him into the air and throw him on the ground headfirst .

At the hospital, a bleeding and swollen Xiao was found to have abrasions, fractured facial bones, and bleeding in his skull.

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Xiao Xu (all images via Chinese Business Review)

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“Xiao Xu plays really well and the man couldn’t keep up,” a child who witnessed the incident told Chinese Business Review. “He always asked Xiao Xu to pick up the balls for him. Xu urged him to play faster, and then he started to get agitated”

The man is unknown to the villagers and local police. He often came to play Ping-Pong. It could not be verified whether the man lives in the village or not.