China Uncensored: China’s Shocking Military Secret Revealed

By Chris Chappell
Chris Chappell
Chris Chappell
July 6, 2016 Updated: July 8, 2016

Big news coming out recently. And it’s upset a lot of people. China is killing millions of innocent meditators for their organs. Which is what a lot of people might call “genocide.”


This comes after this incredibly detailed 680-page report revealed that as many as 1.5 million innocent people in China have been murdered for their organs. And I’m not talking about this being done by some underground gangs or criminal networks. I’m talking about official hospitals. Including hospitals run by the Chinese military. Like the 301 Military Hospital in Beijing. It’s a place where a lot of high-ranking Community Party members get treated.


The Chinese military is killing Chinese citizens for their organs on a massive scale. And across China, other hospitals have been following their example.

The Chinese military is killing Chinese citizens for their organs on a massive scale.

Now you’d think that this discovery should be making major international headlines. And to a degree, that’s happened.


The problem is that news, like comedy, is all about…




And the timing for this wasn’t the greatest. Hashtag Brexit. But this story is still huge. And the long-term implications haven’t even begun to set in. Because it’s hard to have a “golden era” with a regime that’s currently committing crimes against humanity. Once enough people know about it.


So, here’s what people ought to know about it. In most of the world, it takes months or years to get an organ transplant. But in China, it’s so easy! “Patients typically must wait only a few weeks for a donor organ.” And they somehow perform a crazy number of organ transplants there.


Officials say there’s a total of 10,000 organ transplants a year in China. But this report finds that there are, in fact, mega hospitals across the country, each with thousands of beds, performing thousands of transplants. So many, that, according to the report, many surgeons have simply “lost count” of how many they performed.

Many surgeons have simply “lost count” of how many [surgeries] they performed.

Using data gathered from Chinese media reports and the websites of individual hospitals, the report goes on to estimate that between 60,000 to 100,000 political prisoners are killed—every year—to supply China’s hospitals with fresh organs. By contrast, the total number of transplants in the US in most years is less than 30,000.


Of course this raises the question: If the Chinese Communist Party is killing all these people for their organs, where are these people coming from? Wouldn’t, you know, people in China start to question so many disappearances?


Well, not if the Party convinces you that a certain group of people, aren’t really people, and can be treated however they want. Is there…any group like that in China?


Falun Gong practitioners. The people who are thrown into labor camps for meditating. That’s where the vast majority of the organs are coming from, according to Bloody Harvest. The report also says that other organ “donors” include Tibetans, Uyghurs, and house Christians. Note that one of the report’s authors is David Kilgour, who’s Canada’s former Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific.


Bloody Harvest goes into detail about the evidence behind their claim that Falun Gong practitioners make up the majority of organ harvesting victims. Like how undercover investigators called dozens of Chinese hospitals, asking for those healthy Falun Gong organs. And the doctors even boasted about it! Here’s the transcript for one of their investigations:


Undercover Investigator Calling Jiaotong University Affiliated Hospital in Shanghai

March 16, 2006

Doctor Dai:    Let me tell you, it should be OK to have liver transplant in your case.

Investigator:    I just want to know how long we have to wait.

Doctor Dai:    We have supplies everyday. Today for example, we are performing transplant surgery.

Investigator:    Well, I mean not just a fresh one. We need one from live human body…

Doctor Dai:    Sure, the organs we use are all from live persons.

Investigator:    What?

Doctor Dai:    They are all live organs! Ours are the best.

Investigator:    So I want to know how long you have been in operation. I want to find out your skill level.

Doctor Dai:    We’ve done this for 5-6 years. We have performed such kind of operation for 5-6 years already.

Investigator:    Then how many do you do per month?

Doctor Dai:    We have done 400 to 500 cases.

Investigator:    What? 400 – 500?

Doctor Dai:    Yes, that’s right.


Now the day after the Bloody Harvest report was released, a reporter in Beijing asked Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying about it. Unsurprisingly, her response was that, “such stories about forced organ harvesting in China are imaginary and baseless. They don’t have any factual foundation.”


Which I can only assume means she didn’t read the 680-page report, the last 230 pages of which are filled with all of their references, because there’s a lot of facts.


But China’s Foreign Ministry had a better solution than reading the report and addressing the facts. It simply removed the entire question and answer from its official transcript of that day’s press conference.


Now although the update to the Bloody Harvest report just came out a couple weeks ago, this story has been out for much longer. The first press conference about it was 10 years ago.


But like Leonardo DiCaprio, the organ harvesting story has taken a long time to finally get the recognition it deserves.

But like Leonardo DiCaprio, the organ harvesting story has taken a long time to finally get the recognition it deserves.

In fact, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution on June 13th this year condemning China’s wide-scale murder of Falun Gong practitioners for their organs. Now that is shocking. Democrats and Republicans actually agreed on something!


But the biggest shock may come from inside China. Because now that this news is getting more and more attention, Chinese authorities will have to do more to address it than simply deleting all mentions of it from the Foreign Ministry website. And there’s some evidence that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is already taking steps to address it—but of course in a very roundabout way.


As I’ve mentioned before, Xi Jinping’s so-called anti-corruption campaign is really aimed at taking down his political enemies. One of his enemies is former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. He’s the guy who originally orchestrated the entire persecution of Falun Gong. And he’s been controlling the military from behind the scenes, even after he stepped down in 2003. Well, just a few days before the Congressional resolution passed, Jiang Zemin was allegedly taken into custody by Chinese paramilitary troops—according to the Epoch Times.


So if the head guy responsible for organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners gets taken down, does that mean Xi Jinping can make it stop? And will he?


Perhaps we can gently nudge him towards the right move—with a tremendous amount of international pressure. One thing you can do is sign this petition calling for the UN to push China to stop killing people for their organs. Here’s the link.


And like I said, more people need to know about this. So share this video with at least three people you know. And then they can share it with three people, who can share it with three people, and pretty soon the whole world will see this video! That’s how it works, right? If you want to see the full Bloody Harvest report, here it is.