Summer Camp Students in Guangzhou Contract H1N1 Flu

July 14, 2009 Updated: December 4, 2009

Since July 5, there have been 123 students at a military summer camp on Changzhou Island, Guangzhou, southeastern China that have fever symptoms. An official report issued on July 14 confirmed that some of the students had contracted H1N1 flu.  

According to Nanfang Daily, students in the summer camp had fever symptoms in droves. On July 13, the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed several of the students tested H1N1 positive.

The Camp notified parents to come and pick up their students. On July 13, roads to the Huangpu Youth Military Academy were jammed with parents’ vehicles coming to pick up their children. By the end of the day, over 500 students were taken home. Students who came from outside Guangzhou will remain in the camp until their parents pick them up.

The summer camp started on July 5 and there were several sessions started thereafter. By July 13, there were about 900 students registered at the camp. With the extended adult training programs, there were 1,300 people at the Camp. It is learned that there are two other academies on the Island holding summer camp activities. The total number of students on the Island was around 2,000.

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