China Roces: FHM Model Denies Being the Woman in Paolo Bediones Video

China Roces, the FHM model has denied being the woman in the newly leaked Paolo Bediones video, which allegedly shows the anchor and the woman having sex.

Roces, a well-known model for companies including Tanduay, Burger King, and FilAsia, said that she was surprised to learn that some people think the unidentified woman is her.

“Some bloggers called me and told me,” she said.

“Oh really? Really?” she recalled responding. “No, not me.”

China says that the mole on the chest of the woman in the video is not the same as a mole she has, and that there are other critical differences that make it obvious that it’s not her.

She told PEP that she was not happy with the link, but she has taken it with a sense of humor.

“Actually, I was laughing more than being upset,” she said.

China, who lives in Makati City, is only 22. Paolo is 40.

TV5, the company that Paolo currently anchors news and entertainment programs for, expressed support for him.

“We accord our employees and talents all respect that are due them for their privacy and personal action or decision,” it said in a statement.

“We disapprove strongly the malicious and wanton publication of the video, an act that clearly violates pertinent cybercrime laws. We firmly express our support for our anchor Paolo Bediones in the face of a controversy that represents nothing more than an attempt to smear his reputation.”

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