Report Perplexingly Ranks China As Tops in Global Conscientiousness

By Xue Fei
Xue Fei
Xue Fei
October 10, 2008 Updated: October 17, 2008

Due to recent scandals, China’s credibility in the world market has taken another dive.  At the same time a research group from the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a report recently on the state of national health. Conveniently, out of 45 countries, China appeared at the top of the list of globally conscientious countries, placing the Unites States near the very bottom. Many globally conscientious individuals have found the report somewhat baffling. Stranger yet, in the attempt to communicate their perplexed feelings with other like-minded individuals over the Internet, many posted messages were censored by the Chinese regime’s Internet blockade.

Amidst the recently publicized scandal having to do with tainted baby formula exported globally from China, many countries have prohibited the import of Chinese dairy products. With this all going on, the academy’s report seems to contradict what the public is actually seeing. Therefore, it has grabbed people’s attention.

According to the report, a healthy country must be responsible. In the era of globalization, a contributing member of the international community should be responsible not only for its own people but also for the rest of the world. In terms of this responsibility, it should include survival, socio-economical development, public security, environmental sustainability, etc. These are the requirements of the so-defined state responsibility.

According to China’s news agency, the academy's report illustrated the results of analyses conducted on 45 countries. The analysis focused on each country’s progress in the areas of disarmament, reducing poverty, providing international support, natural resource conservation, and environmental protection. According to the results China, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines were among the top five as having made the most progress. Britain, Italy, Israel, Singapore, and the United States were at the very bottom. With the exception of some Nordic countries, all the names that ranked last on what the report called its “state-responsibility-index,” were all developed countries.

Upon publication of the report, many Chinese Internet users were genuinely caught off guard. They thought it had to be a farce.

People were shocked when the authenticity of the report was confirmed. Web-masters in China who monitor Internet traffic were busy quickly deleting blogs and instant messages calling the report “shameless,” “a madhouse,” and “the biggest joke of the century.”

One message said, “The Chinese Academy of Science has been known to be shameless, but not to such an extent!”

There were some people who suggested there was a typo: Instead of “responsibility index,” it should have read “irresponsibility index!”

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Xue Fei