China’s Olympics—Luck Has Nothing to Do With It

August 15, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015

 (Gisela Sommer)
(Gisela Sommer)
When the Chinese regime chose the number eight for its opening ceremony to ensure luck for the Olympics, I found this quite curious. Considering that the Chinese communist party (CCP) which, by the way, manages and controls everything in China, also prides itself in having destroyed all superstitions, beliefs in supernatural things, including religion and mystical traditions. This was supposedly successfully achieved during its numerous violent campaigns (especially the so called “Great Cultural Revolution”) aimed at wiping out China’s ancient traditions, culture and conscience.

So, should we believe that the CCP is actually asking heaven to bless their big coming-out party? I don’t think so. Like one CCP cadre, believed to be Chi Haotian, Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, explained in a speech posted 2/15/2005 on, “…if we let all Chinese people listen to God and follow God, who will obediently listen to us and follow us?” His entire speech can be read here: .    

Or the lucky number eight might be the straw they’re grasping at in case all else fails? Perhaps the CCP is at the point were it is worried that their crimes cannot remain covered during the Olympics, and that their image may seriously become marred in front of the whole world.  

Personally, I think this lucky number eight thing is a propaganda ploy cleverly utilized to appeal to what the CCP disdainfully considers an attachment by the unenlightened masses, both Chinese and Western, to superstition and religion. It is basically a subterfuge to look good and appear to have the same human qualities as the populace.

Tear Down that (Fire) Wall?

What a shame that once again they were able to con President Bush into attending one of their fake church services.  After they sanitized the place and brought in the Disney choir he found it quite good. But it was another good opportunity wasted, Mr. President. I was hoping you’d tell them to “tear down that (fire) wall!” No such luck!

Anyway, what I was getting at, is that the lucky number eight can be considered an Olympic “fake” and added to the long list of deceptions, lies, broken promises, violations, abuses, and crimes committed by the Chinese communist regime in the run-up to and during the games. Let’s not forget the faked riots in Tibet and other faked crimes pinned on Falun Gong in past years.

“One world, one dream,” and the “harmonious society” bit are in the same category. Who are they trying to fool with their dream? Nightmare is more like it.

The Olympics are a massive propaganda stunt. Since the opening we’ve seen an accumulation of false presentations, including fake fireworks, fake protest areas, fake freedom of the press, a fake singer, a fake church service, and if they can get away with it a fake murder report.  

I read a blog by a comedian. It said that the gold medals were found to have a high level of lead content. Although it was a joke, it makes the point about the Olympics being seriously tarnished by severe human rights abuses. We have already become familiar with all kinds of fake and poison products from China. And as everything in China is actually controlled by the CCP, these are actually the by-products of the CCP and it must be held accountable.
Reporters have commented on the fake smiles of the army of Olympic volunteer guides. And here I think we have to make a distinction between the Chinese people and the CCP. The Chinese people are really victims who have been made to pay the price. The Chinese people truly deserve a great Olympics coming-out party. It is the people of China who have given their sweat and blood, and even their lives, to make this all happen. Whereas the party has turned the Olympics into a nightmare for millions of Chinese citizens, has squandered their money, and bulldozed their homes to dazzle the world. We can’t forget to include environmental damage and severe water shortages from supplying the Olympics with a lush, green (fake) appearance. And of course, the CCP has total control of the media—what a bad deal for the Chinese people!

Finally, untold millions of Chinese citizens, good people, are rotting in jails and are “reeducated” through labor, being “brainwashed,” beaten, and tortured. How does that sync with “one world, one dream,” a “harmonious society,” and the lucky number eight?

You can’t force luck, no matter how many billions of dollars you spend, and how many lies you tell. One cannot just pick those numbers and then expect to get lucky. While the CCP spews slogans about a harmonious society, it tortures its own people—this doesn’t work for luck either. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Luck comes from doing good things, being honest, kind, and caring.

Here is what I think should happen at the Olympics: The internet blockade should come down. Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience should be freed immediately. Slave Labor camps should be closed. Organ harvesting against people’s wills should be stopped. The Chinese regime should allow for complete freedom of religion and the press. People who lost their homes because of the Olympics should be allowed to appeal. Now that would be a great start for the Olympics and a meaningful gesture for a harmonious society. And that’s my hope for China.

Also, the little kid with the crooked teeth, angel face, and beautiful voice should be brought back at the closing ceremony to sing again—this time on stage, where she belongs.

P.S.   I grew up in Germany during the 50s and 60s when we had communism. I have a bit of experience with communism and what it does to people’s lives. Also, my birthday is on 8/8, so maybe that makes me an expert on luck.

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Gisela Sommer
Gisela Sommer