China Exporting Weapons to ‘Rogue’ Countries

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
July 3, 2006 Updated: September 15, 2015

Last month Amnesty International published a report branding the Chinese communist party (CCP) as the “most irresponsible” in the world because it exported dangerous weapons to Burma, Nepal, Sudan, and the Great Lakes region in Africa. Having such weapons has intensified the tensions and conflicts in these regions and directly resulted in an increase in humanitarian disasters.

In the face of such a serious charge, the Chinese communist regime totally denied the charges and maintained that it follows three principles when exporting weapons.

The CCP claims that it is “helping the self-defence capacity of the importing countries.” However, the exported weapons were not used for self-defence but for civil war in each of the countries cited. For example, China-supplied weapons helped the Sudanese army to suppress resistance movements and kill civilians, and helped the Burmese army to suppress democratic movements and the Karen people.

Secondly, the CCP states the weapons are not meant to “harm the peace, security and stability of the world and the related areas.” However, exporting weapons to Iran, North Korea, and the former Taliban regime in Afghanistan has contributed to regional and even global crises.

Also, the CCP claims that they “their military trade does not interfere with other sovereignties’ internal affairs.” But in fact, the purpose of the CCP’s exporting weapons to Burma, North Korea, and Zimbabwe was to sustain failing despotic rulers in those countries, and enabled them to persecute and kill their own people.

Amnesty International condemned the CCP for its mass exportation of weapons in exchange for profits or energy resources. The CCP defended itself by saying that its weapons exports were far less than that of Russia, the United States, or the European Union.

The fact is, the United States and other relevant countries openly reveal their exportation of weapons; while the Chinese communist regime arms deals are kept secret. The outside world will never know how many weapons China exports each year. Actually, the majority of the missiles, chemical and biological weapons, and the spread of nuclear weapons to rogue countries can be traced back to the CCP.

It can be argued that wherever there are regional conflicts and global crises, the Chinese communist regime’s shadow is behind it.

In the last two years, Iran has been causing increasing international concerns with its nuclear threats. Iran claimed that it had made a “significant breakthrough” in the extraction technology of enriched uranium, which is used for nuclear weapons.

However, the so-call “significant breakthrough” was purchasing high quality processed uranium from China. In other words, the Iranian nuclear threats have come about with the complicity of the Chinese communist regime.

Similarly, in North Korea a nuclear crisis exists. Hwang Jang Yop, former secretary of the North Korean Workers Party who fled Pyongyang, confirmed that the CCP assisted North Korea in the development of its nuclear weapons. The aim of the Chinese communist regime was to expand its international influence by aiding North Korea. The CCP is providing 70 percent of North Korea’s fuel requirements. It wishes to control the Kim regime, so that Kim will stay in the totalitarian bloc led by the CCP and remain an opposing force against the democratic world led by the U.S.

In the face of accelerating nuclear threats by North Korea and Iran, the civilized world is trying to finds solutions that will end the conflicts with those countries; while the Chinese communist regime repeats the same sentence, “We hope the conflicts can be solved through dialogue. We oppose wars and violence; but we also oppose sanctions.”

If the CCP really thinks so much of “dialogues,” why doesn’t it communicate with its own people? In such human rights disasters as the “June 4th” Massacre, Falun Gong genocide, or the massacre in Shanwei, the Chinese communist regime refused to listen to the people. Instead, the CCP used violence and didn’t hesitate to shed human blood.

The double standard of the communist regime shows a hypocritical and devious nature. When the entire world is heading towards democracy and peace, the CCP not only adheres to autarchy and dictatorship, but has also brought together five Asian countries to form a so-called “Shanghai Cooperation Organization” (SCO). It wants to see a resurgence of the notorious “Warsaw Treaty Organization” so as to oppose the civilized world to the very end.

The CCP invited Iran’s president to a recent SCO summit. To some, this indicated that the CCP wants to pull Iran into the SCO and to offer Iran protection. The Chinese communist regime doesn’t appear to be supporting world peace but is instead compromising the safety of China’s people.

Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff