Check Out This Seahawks Fan ‘Destroying’ a TV After Super Bowl 49

February 2, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

A Seahawks fan apparently destroyed a television after the Super Bowl 49 loss, but it looks staged.

The fan is seen ramming into the TV, which then crumples. However, TV screens don’t tend to fold that easily, suggesting it was staged.


Users on YouTube also pointed that out.

“Yeah, nice try in trying to get this staged garbage to go viral,” said one.

“Fake. Dude was probably getting a new tv and just wanted to get rid of his old tv in a fun way,” added another.

“Clearly this guy was going to trash his old POS tv regardless,” wrote another user.

The Seahawks lost 24-28 against the Patriots on a last-minute Russell Wilson interception.