Check Out Innovative Electric Bike That Folds Into a Bag

Bicycles are essential to urban living. Unfortunately, they aren't convenient
December 9, 2014 Updated: December 9, 2014

Bicycles are essential to urban living. Unfortunately, they aren’t convenient. Those who rely on bikes to get around are forced to purchase heavy locks, expensive frames and bulky tracking systems in order to match one’s busy lifestyle. Now there’s a complete solution for all your city transportation needs.

Compact, Sturdy And Reliable

The Impossible electric bike is a foldable bicycle that runs on 10 2,900mAh batteries. It is the most compact electric bike to date, measuring an astonishing 17 inches when stored. It can travel up to 12.5mph for 45 minutes on a single charge. There are no pedals, gears or strange knobs. Just go when you need to go and stop to avoid pedestrians and other cars.

There are other foldable bikes in the market today. But none of them are electric, nor can they be stored down to minuscule measurements.

Ready To Go All The Time

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Impossible electric bike is the folding process. In just 4 easy steps, users can hit the road after work or school. The only piece that comes off is the seat. This means you won’t have to worry about losing any random parts. The modern bicycle automatically locks as each part is set in place. Again, you don’t have to think about screwing any parts in, which can reduce wear and tear.

Why Do I Need This?

City living requires innovative solutions for comfort and accessibility. You probably won’t be taking the Impossible electric bike camping or on dirt trails- that’s not what this is designed for. Instead, imagine not having to look for a place to lock your bike because you can always carry it with you.

Furthermore, think about cutting your commute time in half just by cruising on this modern bicycle. That could mean more time with your friends, family or more time for you to catch up on sleep after a long day.

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