CEO of Urban Game Changers Feels Divine Power In Shen Yun

April 23, 2018

“Absolutely stunning. Breathtaking. Amazing. The energy they put out, the love, the compassion, and the passion they exude while they perform is amazing. I’ve truly enjoyed myself.”

“The dancers are spectacular. I just find them to be full of energy and life. The colors, and then the women when they move their arms, they’re just such full of love. They’re like swans in the lake. I just find them so enchanting.”

“I felt relaxed, engaged, appreciative.”

“The live orchestra is awesome. It just adds to the moment.”

“I love the interaction of the film [with the dancers] was really quite interesting and lovely.”

“I think there’s a divine power [in the performance]. You see the angels, you see this powerful being which they honor and they respect.”

“The energy I get from the show is simplicity. Simplicity. Some things in life don’t have to be complicated. We need to become quiet. Sometimes silence is power.”

“I can’t wait until the second half. I’m just excited.”