CCP Withdrawal Statements

August 8, 2007 Updated: August 8, 2007

We Quit the Chinese Communist Party and its Related Organizations

My wife and I have received Falun Gong information materials. We did not fully believe that Falun Gong practitioners' organs were harvested while they were alive. However, recently we ate dinner with an old friend, a Falun Gong practitioner, and we confirmed that it is true.

It really shocked me to know the fact that more than 60,000 people's organs have been harvested while they were alive, that matched organs can be found for transplants in about one week, and that many foreigners receive transplant organs in China. Luo Gan is a bastard, who could only have been produced by the evil Communist Party.

So I have decided to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). My wife also agrees to quit the Communist Youth League and all organizations related to the CCP. I am Wang Fu from the Department of Transportation and my wife is Zhao Fu.

Wang Fu and Zhao Fu, Liaoning Province, China August 3, 2007

A Soldier Quits the CCP

The army is strictly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP says the Party commands the gun forever. The CCP is above everything. So in such an environment, I am only a machine, a killing machine controlled by the CCP. A machine doesn't have any democracy, human rights, or freedom. To get rid of this control over my spirit, I declare my withdrawal from the CCP.

Si Chang China August 2, 2007