Cartoon HD App: Video Stream Service for Android, iPhone Offline; Are FliXanity, Showbox, Popcorn Time Adequate Replacements?

The Cartoon HD app is still down–several days after it was taken offline a few days ago, but some users are saying that another app called FliXanity has filled the void.

Some reports have said to take caution when installing FliXanity

“If you use #Flixanity as an alternative to #HDCartoon #CartoonHD the UI isnt as easy to navigate. Also be aware of the sneaky APK installs,” wrote Android XBMC Geek on Twitter, according to Product Reviews. “@FliXanity if your the same as Cartoon HD why do you need my Credit Card Details. #CartoonHD,” wrote another user.

“This now puts the spotlight on similar programs such as Popcorn Time, Showbox and Flixanity – all of which claim to offer a way for users to enjoy movies and TV shows for free,” Product Reviews writes. “While we don’t condone this, we do want to point out that many users on social media are now tempting other users to try Cartoon HD apk links, as well as links to other apps – apps that are not safe for installation on your mobile device.”

Cartoon HD, which allows users to view illegal streams of movies and TV shows, was available for iPhones and iPads. Gapp Center, the purveyor of the app, wrote on Twitter last: “Sorry! Cartoon HD is closed.” It’s offered no updates on its Twitter.

There’s been no information released from the company since then.

The company’s website was taken offline. The app is no longer on iTunes, also.

Since it was taken offline days ago, Twitter users are still talking about it as of Monday. “My life is practically over without cartoon hd have been bored without it, kill meh,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I NEED CARTOON HD BACK!” added another.

“The fact that cartoon hd has gone means I’m two episodes behind from game of thrones,” said another on Monday.

According to a previous report from The Epoch Times, a new app called FliXnity is being promoted as “The New Cartoon HD.” However, users should take caution when downloading such apps, as they could contain malware.

“And it seems as if there is no actual mobile application available to try and get around copyright laws as it promises access to a number of free TV shows and movies,” Phones Review says.

Some people have attempted to promote FliXnity by posting links to Facebook groups, but the links appear to just go to spam websites.

“Thats a total lie. cartoon hd wasnt renamed to flixanity, this is just a random site that allows streaming and has nothing to do with cartoon hd,” wrote a Facebook user under the post.

FliXnity told The Epoch Times that it is not “deceitful just because some users click on ads not realizing it.”

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