Cartoon HD App Still Down; Some Users Say Turning Back the Time Will Get It to Work

Cartoon HD went down suddenly earlier this month, surprising users and leaving many dismayed.

But some users continue to insist that the app still works.

For instance, one user dropped advice on one of the articles about the app going down.

“The app is not dead just underground. As ppl have said roll back your date to say a year ago.(you need to also restart the app not just reopen it for the fix to work…for some that may not know how to do this may need to restart their entire device instead) The app will still say that it is gone for good if you select categories,” the user said.

“However, if you use the search option and type in names it will bring up movies/episodes and such…downside is that you have to know general terms and phrases now….so far it has worked with no hiccups.”

Another chipped in: “I changed the date before may and it works, the titles didn’t show up but after a quick search I found stuff…worth a go.”

But this solution hasn’t been working for some people. 

Some are still asking GappCenter when the app will be back, but GappCenter has remained silent after telling users on June 5: “Sorry ! Cartoon HD is closed.”

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