Can You Solve This Control Room Riddle That’s Baffling the Internet?

June 1, 2016 Updated: June 5, 2016

One of the latest riddles to circulate online is leaving many internet users baffled.

In the riddle from TED-Ed, you are a top spy attempting to infiltrate an evil empire’s headquarters and locate the control panel to switch off their death ray.

Your agency insiders tell you that the headquarters is a pyramid with ten floors, with the top floor having one room and each floor below having one additional room.

The control panel is hidden behind a painting which is located on the highest floor that can satisfy the following conditions:

–Each room has exactly three doors which connect to other rooms on that floor–save for the control panel room, which connects to only one other room

–There are no hallways or stairs to worry about

Keep in mind there’s no floor plan and you’ll only have time to search one floor, so you’ll need to deduce the correct one before going in.

The answer?

Is…. [Scroll down to see immediately or watch the video].





The sixth floor from the top.