Camera Captures Rat Hiding in Bread Aisle in Texas Grocery Store

April 2, 2018 Updated: April 2, 2018

A recording taken in the bread aisle of a grocery store in Texas shows a hat hiding among the packages of bread.

The video was taken on March 5 in Grand Prairie, according to ViralHog, which obtained and published the video on YouTube.

The shopper that took the video claimed that the Kroger employee that he or she showed it to said that it wasn’t the first time they’d had a rat complaint.

“This is a video I recorded of a rat in the bread aisle at the Kroger off I-20 in Grand Prairie. When I mentioned it to an employee he stated that ‘It’s not the first, and it sure won’t be the last’ before going to tell his manager,” the anonymous shopper said.

The footage at first starts as a wide shot of a portion of the aisle before zooming in on some hamburger buns.

Perched on top of a package is a rat.

People left various comments on the video.

“You would be amazed how many rats there are around food stores and take out joints,” said one.

“There’s no cause for alarm, that is a trained rat, it is there to perform a reconnaissance of the store and report back to the exterminator that has been hired to ameliorate our rodent problem, at least that is what Dale Gribble, our exterminator, told us,” said another.

“Looks like a comfy place to nap. Lol,” said another.

After rodent feces and urine, as well as gnawed-on bags, were found in a Kroger in Georgia a few years ago, the state’s Department of Agriculture sent a team of inspectors.

Natalie Adan, the food safety director, said that there was “definitely a public health concern there,” reported WSB-TV. She said the problem could make people sick.

“This is not common. It will occur. We do see it occasionally, and obviously we want to get right in there,” Adan said.

People who see potential problems in retail food establishments in Texas, including grocery stores, are encouraged to file a complaint with the state’s Health and Human Services. Some establishments are under a local jurisdiction, so people would then contact the jurisdiction directly.

Complaints should include the person’s name, address, and telephone number, the date of the incident, and all facts related to the incident being reported.



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