California Mom Gives Birth to Baby on Staircase 2 Weeks After Finding Out She’s Having Twins

May 23, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

A pregnant mother gave birth on a set of stairs in Orange County, California, about two weeks after she learned she was pregnant with twins.

The baby’s father, Samir Rai, helped deliver the baby on the staircase, NBC Los Angeles reported. The birth took place in mid-May.

Paramedics responded to the family’s house in Tustin at around 8:50 a.m. to find the father holding the baby.

“My wife was yelling and screaming, ‘I’m having a baby!’ And I said, ‘We’re going to the hospital,'” Samir Rai told the NBC affiliate. “And she said, ‘no, I’m having it right now.'”

Rai said his wife, Jasmine, only learned she was pregnant with two babies instead of one just a few weeks ago.

During the delivery, the father said he saw a baby’s head pop out and had to help deliver the child on the spot. “The head was popping out of her. I had to pull the baby out of her,” Samir told ABC7. “At the same time, I called 911 on speaker phone.”

The second baby, just moments after Jasmine was loaded into an ambulance with the other newborn, was born feet first.

“It was a life-threatening emergency for the baby,” Orange County Fire Authority’s Tony Bommarito told the NBC affiliate. “They were able to create an airway for the baby until the mother could push the baby completely out.”

Jasmine was left in critical condition but is expected to make a recovery, the report said. Both newborns are doing well, officials said.

“Very complicated situation and patient was also very critical. We had a whole team of doctors and nurses working on her,” said Dr. Lara Bhatnagar, with the Orange County Global Medical Center, according to the ABC affiliate.

The babies have yet to be named, Samir said. They’re parents to a 2-year-old as well.

“It was a magical moment. One of craziest moments of my life. It hasn’t sunk in just yet. I’m just happy they are both healthy,” he said.

Baby Born in Parking Lot

Pittsburgh-area paramedics and officers saved a baby who was born inside a gas station earlier this month.

“We were about maybe 2 miles from home. Get out of the car. Run around to the passenger side. She had already had the baby and was holding it in her arms. He was very blue. We couldn’t tell if he was breathing or not,” stated  Kyle and Vicky Blizzard, the parents of the child, according to WPXI.

The Blizzards said they were in a panic after delivering the child, as their newborn wasn’t breathing, according to the station. “She said, ‘No the baby is coming now. Pull over. I’m delivering the baby in the car,” Kyle Blizzard told the news outlet.

The new father then performed CPR after finding the baby wasn’t breathing.

Paramedics and officers were ultimately able to revive the child.