Business Owner: ‘Every Westerner should see this’

February 6, 2012 Updated: August 14, 2015

VANCOUVER, Canada—The Shen Yun Performing Arts was a fascinating historical journey, said Malcolm Motley and his wife Sharon, after they attended the show at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Sunday, Feb.5.

“It was a historical perspective in the sense that it was conveying Chinese culture to the rest of the world through performing arts,” said Mr. Motley.

“This is a 5,000-year-old civilization, and the art that was represented in [Shen Yun] was absolutely fantastic.”

“It’s beautiful,” Mrs. Motley added.

Mr. Motley formerly worked in senior management at BC’s ministry of skills training and labour, and currently runs a real estate investment company with his wife.

An avid arts fan and traveller, he said Shen Yun was among the best performances he had seen, and that all Westerners should see the show to get a broad understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

“Everything was just so wonderfully done. I think every Westerner should see this,” he said.

“It really covered all of China and all the things that go on in China.”

New York-based Shen Yun is the world’s foremost classical Chinese dance and music company, its website says. Formed in 2006, the company has gained acclaim the world over for its efforts to preserve and present traditional Chinese culture.

The couple appreciated Shen Yun’s many ethnic and folk dances, which represents the dances and character of China’s diverse ethnic groups.

Having travelled to Asia recently, the Taiwanese and Tibetan dances portrayed in the show stirred up fond memories for them.

“That was really neat the way [they] brought in different [ethnic groups],” said Mr. Motley. “To show the positives of those different cultural aspects, I thought that was really well done.

“The choreography, the music, the synchronization, everything was fantastic.”

Mr. Motely was taken with the traditional Chinese instruments featured in the show, particularly captivated by the erhu—a two stringed instrument known for its beautifully haunting melodies.

“The music on that is so incredible,” he said.

Mr. Motley would be recommending the show to their friends and family.

“We’re going to be spreading the word for sure.” he said.

Reporting by Ou Yang and Justina Wheale.

Shen Yun Performing Arts has three touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world.

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