Big Marijuana Is Growing At An Alarming Rate With Technology

November 19, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The business of big marijuana will make millions of dollars across the US and the world this year. Colorado is expected to generate 70 million dollars in tax revenue alone with the number of actual sales being exponentially higher than that. The estimates for the total impact on the economy is giant and this is because of different factors. The medicinal and recreational use of marijuana are the obvious facts as it has many benefits. The others are the way that technology has made marijuana so accessible.

Marijuana Apps

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There really is an app for everything and that includes the sales and consumption of marijuana. There are many different uses for these apps including the instruction for the cultivation of your own marijuana. Leafly is a great tool in the way that there are thousands of reviews of dispensaries depending on your area. If you aren’t sure about what strain you may like, there are thousands of strains that are also reviewed there. There are also multiple apps that will show you all of the dispensaries in your area and you can use Yelp to check the reviews or Leafly to check the reviews so you can make an educated decision about which dispensary to go to.

Social Media

  • Facebook is a need for any type of business and dispensaries are no different. This can help market the dispensary in many ways as well as let others rate their experience at the dispensary. Many of these shops keep their shoppers up to date with the latest strains that they have received. They also let customers know when different types of cannabis seeds come into stock.
  • Twitter is great to engaging and seeing what your customers would want to see on the shelves. Tweeting stories and following other pro marijuana sites/accounts gives your shop its own personal touch.
  • Instagram is great to show your stock off to show what you have received is better than the competition. Garnering a following especially in a national sense could have visitors set on visiting a certain dispensary or wanting to buy a certain strain. For example check out the hashtag #weedstagram which is very popular these days amongst supporters.


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Many websites have real time and constantly updating inventories of marijuana when it pertains to particular dispensaries. These websites also have blogs that can give you the pro marijuana view that is sometimes lacking in the national media. This helps spread awareness that was previously just reserved for small circles of people who supported the use of marijuana in a medical sense.

As you can see, the internet and technology has really given people a better idea about the benefits of marijuana. There was a time that only the government and other entities talked about marijuana and had a distorted opinion which led to the distorted opinion of a majority of a generation. Technology has also made the finding and purchasing of marijuana in places that it is legal extremely easy. This has become easy through real time inventory updating and apps that show you the closest dispensary near you.