Big Bang Theory Season 8 Spoilers: Sheldon Did Get on a Train; But No Penny and Leonard Wedding?

Several key plot points in the upcoming Big Bang Theory season 8 have been revealed lately, including that Sheldon did in fact get on the train.

TVLine revealed earlier this month that Sheldon did get on board, as opposed to just squatting at the station, as some have speculated.

“The bigger question you should be asking yourself is whether he ever stepped foot outside the train during his epic journey,” it said.

TVLine obtained some more spoilers this week from showrunner Steven Molaro.

Molaro said that it’s unlikely Penny and Leonard will get married in season 8.

“I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it,” he said. “They’re in a great place. They’re the kind of couple where they can be engaged for a while and that’s fine.”

Part of the reason is that Penny will be very busy with her new job.

“In the first episode back [on Sept. 22], she will embark on a brand new career, and that will be taking up a lot of her time and energy,” Molaro said. “Bernadette has helped to get her a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep at her company. She is going to put her failed acting career on the backburner for a while.”

Season 8 is slated to premiere on September 22.

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