‘Better Marriage Blanket’ Improving the Quality of Sleep

May 3, 2010 Updated: September 29, 2015

A popular internet buy at the moment is the Better Marriage Blanket, helping to eliminate an unavoidable reality in marriages where couple opt to share the same bed. It sports a unique design aimed to eliminate unwanted odors in the bedroom.

The world of bedding is stepping into a new realm of advancement with the Better Marriage Blanket that is making life easier on spouses who are in life-long battles against their partners' odors. The Better Marriage Blanket was initially made to fight against flatulent gas caused by choice items such as bean burritos and Polish sausage, but is also effective in combating foot odor, along with other odors that are best left unmentioned.

[youtube]bM4eJ38S7Hw[/youtube]The Better Marriage Blanket utilizes a new technology of blanket design featuring a carbon fiber lining against polyester foam, in between two layers of fabric. The blanket is perfect for “Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Room Mates, and A Humorous Occasion," declares the company's website proudly.

Scientists from the University Of Southern Mississippi have labeled carbon fiber as a “wonder polymer” that they argue is stronger than steel. The advantage of carbon fiber is that it is very light and can be used to eliminate odor when inserted in filters as well as clothing.

The Better Marriage Blanket is available for online purchase for under $39.99. Potential customers are able to purchase their own blanket at www.BuyBetterMarriageBlanket.com.