Beijing Strikes Hard at Satellite TV Users–Overseas TV Programs Targeted

By Zeng Chunliang, Central News Agency
August 15, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: August 15, 2006 12:00 am

BEIJING–On August 12, a meeting was held by the Beijing Municipal Overseas Satellite TV Program Control Special Working Group and the Municipal “Anti-Pornography & Anti-Illegality” Office.

The meeting assigned measures to assert control over satellite TV users in Beijing within a month, including emphasizing control over the manufacturing, sales and installation of satellite TV receivers. Any “offender” could be charged under criminal law.

According to the Beijing Morning Post , the meeting emphasized that under the “Satellite TV & Radio Broadcasting Ground Receiving Equipment Administration Regulation,” no company or individuals are allowed to manufacture, import, sell or install ground receiving equipment without permission, particularly for setting up ground receiving equipment and viewing overseas satellite TV programs.

In addition, no company or individual may promote the sale or installation of satellite ground receivers through mobile phone text messages, the Internet, posters, etc. All companies and individuals who have already installed receivers without permission must stop viewing overseas satellite TV programs and should dismantle their equipment.

The meeting also emphasized that informers would be rewarded for providing leads to companies or individuals who “illegally” advertise sales and installation of satellite TV receivers through the methods mentioned above. The “offenders” will be subject to regulatory punishment according to the “law,” and serious “offenders” will be charged under criminal law.