Batman vs Superman: New Set Photos Show Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill at Smallville Cemetery

November 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

New set pictures for Batman v Superman show both Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman) in a Smallville cemetery scene.

The pictures prove that the cemetery, which appeared briefly in Man of Steel, will factor into the next movie.

Gregory Zonsius, who snapped the photos, said via Twitter that Affleck was “dressed like he was at a funeral,” wearing an overcoat and nice clothes.

Reports came in later that director Zack Synder was also on the set, along with Laurence Fishburne and Amy Adams.

Fishburne plays Daily Planet editor Perry White, “meaning that the scene being shot could be depicting the funeral of an employee from the newspaper. That would make sense, since Clark and Lois Lane (Adams) are also in attendance,” noted Screen Rant.

“There’s also a chance that Snyder will film multiple segments in the cemetery again. Martha Kent (Diane Lane) was another member of the cast on location, so she could very well be on hand to say a few words to her beloved husband with Clark.”


Bruce Wayne being there raises questions, but the website notes that it could be that the scene is near the end of the movie and that Wayne and Kal-El are finally bonding and have settled their differences.

“One of the unifying themes between the two heroes is what their parents mean to them. Wayne never would have become Batman if his mother and father were not shot, and Kal-El used the teachings of both Jor-El and Jonathan Kent to guide him through life,” it said.

“Perhaps the graveyard scene could be an emotional bonding character moment, where Clark illustrates the similarities between him and Bruce, showing how the two are kindred spirits.”

The movie is also set to film at the Kent farmhouse, which was featured in Man of Steel.

Filming in Illinois, including in Chicago, is slated to go through November 14.

Filming in New Mexico is scheduled to start after that.

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