Bald No More: Former Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher Shows Off New Hair

By Jim Liao
Jim Liao
Jim Liao
January 5, 2016 Updated: January 5, 2016

Former 8-time Chicago Bears Pro Bowler Brian Urlacher appeared on WGN news with an important announcement today. No, he isn’t coming out of retirement. 

He has hair now.

Urlacher claims that he’s pretty much always been bald, and was bald for the entirety of his 13 year career with Chicago Bears.

So what gives with the hair?

Urlacher tells WGN that a friend invited him to try it out, and the hair transplant was an extraordinarily easy operation. “They take one hair out of the back of your head, one at a time, and place it where you don’t have hair”, said Urlacher.

Urlacher adds that the procedure didn’t leave any scars or cuts, and he was in and out of the operating room within the same day.

Due to his good experiences, its no wonder Urlacher became a spokesperson for RESTORE, the hair transplant facility responsible for his transformation. Watch Brian’s full experience with RESTORE below.


Here’s some social media buzz on Brian after his story came out:




Jim Liao