Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Ben Scott, Dylan Petitt Eliminated After Elise Mosca and Chris Bukowski Hook Up

Bachelor in Paradise episode 2 will see the first men being eliminated from the new ABC show.

The Bachelor spinoff features a group of former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants at a resort in Mexico, where they try to find love.

Each week, two men or two women get eliminated in a rose ceremony. Then, two newcomers tip the scales in reverse.

For instance, the first episode saw two women getting eliminated. Now two men–Chris Bukowski and Zack Kalter–join the show, and two of the eight men will be eliminated because there are only six women, who will each give a rose to one man.

According to Reality Steve, Ben Scott leaves the show after Marcus Grodd finds a suitcase from Ben’s girlfriend in Ben’s suitcase.


That leaves seven men and six roses.

Apparently newcomer Chris takes a liking to Elise Mosca, who had hit it off with Dylan in the beginning of the show. Elise hooks up with Chris, making Dylan upset, and prompting him to ask Sarah on a date instead of Elise.

At the rose ceremony, Elise tried to give her rose to Dylan, but he rejected it because of the situation. Then, Sarah gives her rose to Robert Graham instead of Dylan, leaving the latter eliminated.

According to Steve, Danielle Ronco from Juan Pablo’s season and Jackie Parr from Sean Lowe’s season will enter the show next week.

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