Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Spoilers: Thanos Not in the Film, Marvel Says

Thanos will not be in Avengers 2, also known as Age of Ultron.

Some people believed that Thanos would at least play a small part in the film.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege says that Thanos won’t be in Avengers 2, and he might not be in Avengers 3 either.

“He’s not a part of Avengers 2,” Fiege told Comic Book Resources.

Fiege did say there’s a possibility for inclusion in the third installment in the series: “I think Thanos kind of does what he wants, shows up where he wants to. And I’m not going to tell him otherwise, so you don’t know exactly. Smirking at the end of the first Avengers.”

Thanos will be a part of Guardians of Galaxy, which is hitting theaters soon.

“The idea was for it to be just another step forward based on what we saw in Avengers. So in Avengers, you didn’t see anything but the back of his throne. You saw his sort of turn into camera, 3/4 smirk. We wanted Ronan to be the bad guy. We wanted to focus on the creation of the Guardians team itself, so we didn’t want to spend too much time with Thanos, but we wanted to showcase that there’s a guy behind the guy, right? The Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back to Darth Vader,” he said.

“So we wanted a little bit more, a little bit more attitude, see him and hear him for the first time. And just to get, which is one of my favorite shots in the whole movie, him leaning back on his throne and smirking, which he does on every cover of every Thanos comic book — which is cool.”

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