Author Points to Communists Among Those Attacking Trump

March 10, 2019 Updated: March 10, 2019

WASHINGTON—Some of the key ringleaders of the ongoing effort to drive President Donald Trump from office come from communist backgrounds and are using communist-inspired tactics, according to a new book by author Diana West.

West took part in a talk March 8 at the Center for Security Policy about her new book published by CSP, “The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.” The other panelists were CSP executive chairman Frank Gaffney, Judicial Watch’s investigations director Chris Farrell, and Rich Higgins, who served as a National Security Council official in Trump’s first year in office.

Gaffney said the book “is one of the Rosetta Stones that needs to be taken aboard by every American concerned about what’s happening to our country and what we had best be doing to save it.”

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Cover of “The Red Thread” (Center for Security Policy Press)

Left and Right

Marxist ideas have infiltrated both the left and the right, both the Democratic and Republican parties, West said.

People such as dissident Republican Bill Kristol, a reformed Trotskyist, are “joining hands with the left” in a united front against Trump because they view the president as a threat to the established order and the globalism that dominates today’s political system, she told The Epoch Times after the panel discussion.

“The progression left has been marked and so just because you have a label or a past in Republican politics should not blind us to behavior, attitudes, beliefs, money flows,” West said. “We just saw the new Kristol publication, The Bulwark, covering CPAC with a very leftist reporter.”

West was referring to leftist Molly Jong-Fast who mocked the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in a March 1 Bulwark article as “a magical place where college dropouts lecture college students.” She described attendees as “poorly educated Trumpkins.”

Kristol, a co-founder of the failed Weekly Standard, is a director of Defending Democracy Together, a Republican-dominated group that aims to have Trump impeached and removed from office.

The group’s executive director is Sarah Longwell, senior vice president at public relations shop Berman and Co. As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, its donors are secret. One of the group’s projects is Republicans for the Rule of Law, which focuses on protecting special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation of Trump and his associates.

‘Subverted From Within’

The campaign against Trump “is an internal operation all of its own to realign conservative politics,” West said.

“Has the right been subverted from within? I mean it’s not just the left that has a communist problem, or a subversion problem, or has been targeted for covert takedown.”

Ever since 1920, when Communist Party organizations were raided and “they basically found the entire roadmap … one of the items was talking about going into politics on both sides. Don’t just go into the Democratic Party, go into the Republican Party, too, so there’s always been an effort to undermine the right, just as the left.”

In the book, West identifies the five “-gate” suffixed operations-turned-scandals that the anti-Trump forces have used to try to bring down the president.

They are, she says, “Dossiergate,” the Democratic National Committee-funded so-called Russian kompromat dossier associated with British MI6 officer Christopher Steele that read like a B-movie script and included salacious claims; “Servergate,” Hillary Clinton’s unlawful, hacker-friendly private email system designed to shield the then-secretary of state’s activities from public scrutiny; “FISAgate,” in which government officials obtained counter-intelligence surveillance warrants on Trump campaign officials from a secret court without advising it that the supporting material came from Trump’s political opponent; “Spygate,” in which the governmental intelligence apparatus was used against the Trump campaign; and “Muellergate,” the ongoing fishing expedition against Trump by special counsel Robert Mueller.

From Trump’s victory “anti-Trump cells inside federal bureaucracies, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, the media, and a network of organizations attacked the legitimacy of the election by alleging that Donald Trump’s epic triumph was the twisted result of ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

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Diana West (courtesy Diana West)

Communist Backgrounds

In the book, West reminds readers of the communist backgrounds of those spearheading the effort to undermine Trump, which have been downplayed or entirely ignored by the mainstream media.

West says British MI6 officer Steele was a “confirmed socialist” and supporter of the Soviet-led 1980s nuclear freeze movement, with “CND credentials” when he was president of the Cambridge Union debating society, the book notes. CND stands for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Marxist-infiltrated group MI5 that deemed subversive for its efforts to unilaterally disarm the United Kingdom during the Cold War, remove U.S. cruise missiles from the UK, and break up the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance.

Former FBI Director James Comey cites Marxist and Socialist Party member Reinhold Niebuhr as “a formative influence,” she writes.

Strangely, Comey said he moved away from being “Communist,” yet he still considers Niebuhr his intellectual hero, she adds. Then-Sen. Barack Obama also said in 2007 that he admired Niebuhr. And in 1976, Obama era CIA Director John Brennan voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall for president.

These plotters “do not believe in the democratic process or the rule of law.”

“Stripping away labels and traditions, what is readily apparent is a unifying drive to save not America, but the globalist system that was created in the aftermath of World War II, anchored in such institutions as the United Nations and the World Bank. Both of these globalist institutions, not at all incidentally, were shepherded into existence by two key Soviet agents covertly embedded inside the U.S. government: Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White.”

Panelist Higgins told The Epoch Times that Trump has forced the radicals out into the open.

“Trump has forced the socialist oligarchy to tighten its grip to include a coup attempt. I mean, their hand has been revealed now and I mean they’ve shifted from a Menshevik subversive policy now to just short of shots being fired. I mean that’s where they’re at.”

Higgins expressed alarm at the inroads the far left has made into the conservative movement.

“Last week, there on Drudge Report … it said ‘Dems gamble, move left,’ and the irony of that headline just jumped off the pages … because at the very same moment Drudge posts that, Van Jones, an admitted communist, is not speaking at NYU, he’s speaking at CPAC where Diana West is not allowed to speak, and Tucker Carlson is not allowed to speak, and Ann Coulter is not allowed to speak.”

There is “a failure to see comprehensively the ideological side of the fight,” Higgins said. “And that left–right paradigm is completely concocted. This is American versus un-American at this point. And as long as you continue to fall into that party dialectic trap, you’re not going to be able to do your analysis correctly.”