As the Clocks Go Back, Britain Braces for a Cold Spell

October 28, 2017 Updated: October 31, 2017

Britons can relish an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back on Sunday, Oct. 29, at 2 a.m.

It’ll also to be time for people to bring out their winter coats, hats and gloves as parts of Britain brace for chilly sub-zero temperatures.

The sharp drop comes after the country has seen unseasonable temperatures this autumn, with Manston in Kent enjoying weather as high as 24C (75.2 F) on Oct.17.

Earlier in the week, other parts of the UK came close to 20C (68 F), including Wisely in Surrey, Hereford, and Exeter. The mild temperatures were caused by a southerly or southwesterly wind bringing a warm air mass called tropical maritime to the UK, the Met Office said.

Winter time will start this Sunday as the clocks go back by one hour, meaning darker mornings and lighter evenings. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts told The Epoch Times that the sudden drop in temperatures this Sunday is due to wind from the North.

“We have a change in wind direction, northerly into the night and going into tomorrow. It will be a clear sky and sunny day tomorrow, which causes the heat to radiate away during the night,” she said.

It’s time for coats, gloves, and scarves as winter weather hits the UK. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Parts of Scotland and Northern England could see temperatures dip a degree or two below zero early on Monday.

“The rest of the UK will probably stay just above zero. It will be a chilly night,” said Roberts.

During the day, temperatures in Scotland are expected to be below double figures, at 8C or 10C. Northern Ireland will have weather ranging from 11C or 12C, while the rest of the UK is likely to be 13C to 15C. Temperatures at the end of the night are expected to hover just above freezing.