Artist ‘Very Impressed’ With Shen Yun’s Colors, Visual Effects

April 28, 2018

“I’m very impressed. I really love the visual effects coming out of the screen [animated backdrop]. That’s the most impressive part, and the colors are just great.”

“The colors are very vibrant. … I just love the way the dresses flow, and the coordination, and it’s just very classic.”

“The dancing is great. The story line is good. I loved finding out about the meditation, Falun Dafa. … I’d really love to tell other people about it.”

“I’m from South Carolina. I used to live in Los Angeles, but I came a long way to see the show for my birthday.”

“It was nice the way [Shen Yun] presented the history. I enjoyed that a lot!”

“It’s a very meditative, relaxing entertainment.”

“I like the long sleeves [‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’ vignette]. … It’s just so flowing, and it takes me on an adventure—probably the artist in me.”

“I’ve always thought [Chinese culture was very spiritual]. I’ve been always attracted more to Eastern culture, for spirituality.”

“I like the baritone, what they were showing on the screen. … I like that they added [the lyrics].”

“Spirituality is great. We need more of that.”

“I was surprised that they couldn’t [perform] in China today. … But, I’m glad that they can do it here.”