Design Recipes: Cathy's Home Staging Secrets - Throw Pillow Color Checklist for Every Season

Design Recipes: Cathy's Home Staging Secrets - Throw Pillow Color Checklist for Every Season
Cathy Hobbs

Checklist Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to spruce up a room, giving it an instant lift. Thanks to their versatility, and the wide number of available colors and textures, throw pillows are also a fast and effective way to update your home in line with the changing seasons.

View:Pink City Maze / Caitlin Wilson Textiles
View:Pink City Maze / Caitlin Wilson Textiles


Pastel colors look especially nice in the spring. Earthen tones are also a good choice. Pale green, light brown, and creams are especially beautiful springtime colors. You can also opt for designs that feature ferns, trees, or flowers.


Bold and vibrant, summer is the time to break out the daring bold shades of color. Look for colors like deep violet, magenta, orange, and green to add a summertime feel to your home. Consider including a few neutrals, or white and black to offset all the color. Fresh, bright floral patterns or bold, geometric prints are also great summertime options.


Fall throw pillows can draw inspiration from vibrant autumn leaves –browns, rust red, orange, and black are all great autumn colors. Offset the vibrant color tones with neutrals like ivory, or silver and gold satin throw pillows.


Wintertime calls for warm, cozy details that contrast with the chilly weather outside. Make your home welcoming and visually appealing by adding in pillows that have plenty of warm texture. For colors, choose shades that reflect the scene outside; white, black, and charcoal tones, or add a bold and vibrant burst of color –deep blue, regal purples, or ruby red. Silver and gold also make excellent winter shades.

To ensure that throw pillows coordinate, choose similar or contrasting colors. Remember to keep the overall design and color scheme of your room in mind. Certain colors and patterns will go better with specific décor details, while others may tend to clash. So if your home is decorated in an elegant, classical look, you'll probably want to avoid vibrant, bold patterns on your pillows. What about you? Do you use throw pillows to give your home a fresh look each season? Share with us in the comments.

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